How to upload resume to linkedin - July 6, 2019

How to upload resume to linkedin

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Labor activity is a part of your biography that is most interesting for potential employers. Therefore it is worthwhile to devote more time to this and specify the most complete information. It is important to clarify the profile of the company (you will sometimes agree that the name of the company can say little about it), as well as job responsibilities, where you can reflect on what you had to do directly, which will significantly expand the range of your professional opportunities in the eyes of your future managers. The employer is interested in real experience, on the basis of which it can be concluded about the degree of professionalism. This information must be indicated in chronological order (preferably from the last job), and it is necessary to clarify the periods of work in relation to the specific place of your work activity.

Ask your friend to read your resume, it will help identify spelling and stylistic errors. Do not write your entire biography. The employer is unlikely to be interested in your school years. In your work experience there should be no white spots. If your work experience was interrupted for a long time, you need to think in advance how to explain such a break. Do not write banal things: “hardworking”, “I work well in a team.” It is better to reflect this in the description of your achievements. Be careful when describing your interests hobbies. It is better not to write about them in the resume. Your CV must contain the date of sending the resume, so that the personnel manager can navigate when it was compiled, because the data may be outdated, which means that a preliminary conversation is needed to clarify a number of questions, and the most important of them: do you continue to search for work? Personal data full name, age (preferably date of birth), marital status, address and telephone number.

If you are a qualified professional, you can write a short resume to highlight the areas in which you specialize, as well as your main skills and abilities. It consists of two sections: basic (secondary, secondary special, higher, 2nd higher) and additional (internship courses, trainings, seminars, etc.). In both cases, you must specify the name of the institution, faculty, specialty diploma (if we are talking about courses, then the specialization or the name of the course). It contains information about previous jobs. For an employer or employee of a recruitment agency, it is more convenient if they are arranged in a descending order, i.e. since last. You specify the month and year of employment and the month and year of dismissal, the name of the company, the scope of the organization and your position.

Pay particular attention to indicating the scope of the company in which you worked. It is not enough to write ‘production’ or ‘trade’. Be sure to reveal what it was trading and what exactly the company produced. Do not use such general concepts as ‘food’ or ‘consumer goods’, try to specify as precisely as possible the group of goods or services with which you worked, because very often such narrow specifics are of fundamental importance for the employer. Do not forget to briefly describe the duties of each job, because at the same position in different companies duties differ.

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