How to write a good resume - May 28, 2019

How to write a good resume

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Always write truthful information, because a lie can be recognized later. You can even face dismissal. Avoid unnecessary information. This takes too much time and the desire to hire you from a company manager. In the “story” about yourself should emphasize all the advantages and not to mention the shortcomings. A resume may consist of one or two A4 sheets. Long letters may not even be considered. No need to specify any details of your family life, describe your financial situation or complain about anything this discourages any desire to cooperate with you. Did you know? Lukas Ile invented an unusual method to declare yourself a HR manager. He put on the shape of a man who delivers donuts. He put a resume in the box with food, where he wrote that while most of the letters were in the dustbin, it would be in their stomach.

He was invited to work in ten firms out of forty, in which he applied. How to submit a resume in electronic form in Word To provide a resume on the Internet or during an interview, you can compile it in Microsoft Word. Learn what rules are important to follow when working at a computer, how to save eyesight, how to eat at work, why you should work while standing, what a sedentary lifestyle leads to. It is necessary to place the most important information on the first page, while using the font Times New Roman or Arial. The font size should be the same everywhere, and most often it is the twelfth or fourteenth. If you have a lot of information, but you need to put it on one sheet, it is better to choose 12. You can highlight the block names with information about yourself in bold. Make sure that the size of the upper, right and lower margins is 2 centimeters, and that of the left is 2.5 cm. Write the whole letter in the same style in the official business, but not in the artistic one. Accordingly, select the correct vocabulary characteristic of this style. Do not use foul language in any way. If you decide to attach a photo, make sure that it was 3.5 inches by 4 centimeters.

It is better to take a picture in which you are dressed with restraint, officially. Do not use Photoshop or filters that can distort your real appearance. Information about yourself can also be presented in the form of a table, infographics, columns, diagrams. This is a more modern data feed. Visualization of the text contributes to its quick perception and better memorization. Write discreetly, concisely, without emotion, specify more facts and specific information. Did you know? In order not to be mistaken with the sequence of presentation of information and do not forget to specify all the important data, you can use the template for writing a resume, which is in Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010. Thus, we found that writing a resume is quite simple if you follow these tips.

First of all, you need to understand what knowledge and skills will be needed in a particular business accordingly, the content of your resume will depend on this. Everyone appreciates his time, so the skill of writing such a document is to very briefly describe the most important and necessary.

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