How to write resume - June 17, 2019

How to write resume

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There is no single form of registration of information about yourself, but there are popular ones. An acceptable way is to use them, and not to invent something new. After uploading resumes with, this is exactly the structure. This makes such a format common. To better understand how to properly prepare a resume, you need to consider each of these sections separately. All other data is optional. Sometimes you can find unnecessary details in the summary: If you have children, then you can write about it or you can keep silent about it. It is difficult to give correct advice in advance, because There are situations when you do not need to write this information in a resume. You specify this information according to your desire. You can not specify it for the reason that you will be able to talk about it in detail at the meeting, but briefly describe your goal in a cover letter. With regard to the desired salary, it will greatly depend on the responsibilities that you take on. Therefore, the salary can also be discussed at the interview.

It is recommended to indicate the experience of the last 5-9 years of work. In order to correctly prepare a resume for a job, professional experience should be indicated chronologically, starting from the last place of work. Accordingly, the functions performed in the last place of work, you need to tell more. If you have been working for a long time, then information about education is recommended to be briefly indicated. If you are a graduate or a student, it is better to describe everything in more detail successful coursework, a diploma, work experience, etc.

Courses, trainings, seminars and other educational activities can also be specified. Just remember that they should be relevant vacancies. This section lists all the skills and abilities that correspond to the vacancy for which the resume is being prepared. The only recommendation do not specify trivial things: responsibility, learnability, dedication, leadership skills, high performance, stress resistance, the desire for career growth. Many write it and no longer even think about the meaning of these phrases. Don’t be like “everything”, learn to stand out from the crowd. This is a modern problem. I have never met a resume without these qualities for my work in career counseling! All trained, responsible, purposeful, work on the result. ALL are perfect. In general, all this supermanship must be removed from the resume. In this section, you can specify everything that was not included in the previous sections, but what may be important for the vacancy in question. Here you can specify your personal qualities, your personal success, your hobbies and other details interesting to your employer.

At the same time, it is important to remind once again that it is necessary to fill in sections according to your desired position, and not to make a standard resume for all occasions. In addition to job responsibilities and tasks, you can describe the successes that have occurred thanks to you. Such information will strongly distinguish you from the crowd and make a resume much more attractive. Usually, 2-3 successes are enough for a place of work. Of course, success should be consistent with the desired job. Manager managerial success, programmer programmer, accountant accounting, etc. Often in the summary you can find phrases like “business process management”, “strategic planning”, “solving business problems” and others. I recommend to reformulate them into simpler and more understandable phrases. This will simplify the readability of the document and greatly facilitate the work of the personnel manager and manager who will get acquainted with your candidacy. As a result, you will win.

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