What to include in a resume - June 2, 2019

What to include in a resume

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Purpose. You need to clearly articulate what position and for what activities you are applying. You can specify your wishes, requirements for the future place of work. You can specify a specific amount of salary, but this may be the topic of conversation already at the interview. Qualifications, professional skills. As briefly and concretely as possible, formulate information about yourself as a specialist. The employer or recruiter should be clear who they are dealing with. Do not downplay, but do not exaggerate their achievements. Specify computer skills. Try to specify specific facts, avoid general descriptions. For example, such as: . What is your role in this job? It is better to write: .

If there were a lot of work places specify only the most important ones for the work you are looking for If you are applying for the first job, then try to describe your abilities and achievements in relation to the new position. Additional Information. In the case of use of vehicles in the performance of their duties, indicate the presence of a driver’s license (category, experience). Mark the level of proficiency in a foreign language (with a dictionary, basic, fluent), marital status, and so on. It is advisable to provide letters of recommendation from previous jobs. You can specify personal qualities that distinguish you from other candidates.

Phrases in the summary should be clearly stated. The optimal form structured, in the form of a list. This will be an additional indication of your logical thinking. Moreover, given the time constraints of the employer, this form of resume is perceived better. In order that the necessary information was conveyed to the employer, start each item with the main, and then go to the secondary details. and it is with you that he wants to meet for an interview.

So, the first step towards a new life is made. It remains to hope and believe that your abilities will be noticed and the representatives of personnel services or the employer will invite you for an interview. The truth is to pre-read reviews about companies that would not repeat the mistakes of others. HR managers assure that the blank point about the personal qualities of a person is a serious mistake, because he is often decisive in making a decision. It is important for the employer to see how the applicant independently assesses himself. While drafting a resume, it is necessary to remember that this is a unique offer of yourself, as an investment in the future for the development of the company. The correct resume must necessarily contain a list of the professional qualities of the applicant, since it makes it clear to him the effectiveness of his work and the value to the company. Given the great competition, good education and work experience is not a guarantee for employment.

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